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Foster Wheeler Seminar


MONDAY 17 FEBRUARY 2013, 12:00 - 18:00
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Best Practice in Delivering Technology


Technology has played a major role in the development of the downstream oil, gas and petrochemicals industries in recent years. The high price of crude oil encourages investment in technologies to monetise the entire barrel, and projected demand growth in transportation fuels and petrochemicals will ensure that crude oil refining remains a key focus for the application of improved conversion technologies.

To realise the best advantage of these technologies and their combinations, project delivery expertise is paramount. Best-in-class technology must be supported by proven best practice in project delivery.

Our interactive seminar will discuss several key topics:

  • World-leading technology

• Delayed coking                              • Hydrogen production

• Visbreaking                                    • Steam reforming

• Solvent deasphalting                     • CFB boilers

• Sulfur recovery


  • Technology development

• Best-in-class combinations of technologies to maximise their potential, the advantages, the challenges and the results.


  • Proven best practice in project delivery

• From grassroots to revamp, from concept studies to full EPC implementation, there are innumerable considerations on the road to achieving excellence: these include site selection, technology integration, contracting strategy, financing model and strategy, procurement and construction logistics, interface management, etc.

Only by fully understanding and optimising all of these elements can a highly complex asset reach its full potential and truly maximise the return on investment.


The seminar is free of charge and includes lunch.
To secure your place, please book with EPC when you register for ME-TECH 2014 or email Foster Wheeler direct: jacqueline_hogarty@fwuk.fwc.com.

We would also be delighted to welcome you at the Foster Wheeler-sponsored Welcome Cocktail Reception on Monday 17 February at 7pm and at ME-TECH where Foster Wheeler is presenting.

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