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"The conference was well organised with top level and high quality of papers and speakers with well selected and relevant topics and subjects" TAKREER

"EPC once again managed to attract industry leaders and excellent speakers for this event. ME-TECH 2016 was a success with plenty of networking in addition. Thank you!" ILF

"ME-TECH continues to offer an excellent venue for industry networking with its timely tackling of the critical issues that are currently facing our industry." CHEVRON

"Excellent conference with multiple views of refining & petrochemicals integration" UOP

"Excellent networking and knowledge exchange". KUWAIT AROMATICS

"Excellent event focused on key and recent issues concerning R&P integration. Invited excellent pool of presenters talking about current regional mega-projects/programmes that will re-shape the future of the industry regionally and eventually globally. Thanks to EPC for their outstanding arrangements". KNPC

"An excellent forum for learning about the challenges facing the industry, how companies have faced those challenges and what new developments are on offer from technology licensors". BP

"ME-TECH is one of the best Refining & Petrochemicals technology forums in the Middle East". TAKREER

"ME-TECH is becoming a must-attend platform, mainly due to the high rate of change that we are currently experiencing in our industry. In addition to excellent networking opportunities, you leave the conference with many good observations and ideas that enhance your job prospective". CHEVRON

"Fasinating event, overwhelmed by the response from some of the major refining and petrochemicals giants in the region presenting the technologies and road maps they have adopted. Great two days with some of the industry's best". PAS

"I appreciate the great job done by EPC. Good gathering of oil producers, refiners and licensors". KNPC

“It was an exciting experience to interact with people from various disciplines and industrial backgrounds and a learning experience to attend a useful conference at global level”. ENGINEERS INDIA

“ME-TECH has grown substantially to address the regional issues in the presence of regional and international professionals” GULF ORGANISATION FOR INDUSTRIAL CONSULTING

“ME-TECH is an excellent conference which provides a platform for meeting and discussing common agenda for a cleaner and greener planet. Excellent opportunity for showcasing new developments and technology”. INDIAN OIL R&D

“ME-TECH is organised by professionals for professionals – thanks to EPC for their efforts!” PETROFAC

“ME-TECH is a good opportunity to become updated about what is happening in the oil & gas industry”. SALALAH METHANOL COMPANY

“To meet professionals, suppliers and decsion makers under one roof, the venue is ME-TECH”. TAKREER RESEARCH CENTRE

“Thanks to EPC we really had a great time networking and exchanging ideas with some of the oil & gas downstream experts at ME-TECH". ENGINEERS INDIA

“ME-TECH provides a very good opportunity for expanding knowledge and meeting people from all over the world”. TASNEE PETROCHEMICALS 


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