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Project Planning & Implementation to Ensure Commercial Success 2013

Information for delegates of The Projects Forum

The Projects Forum delegates will be able to view & download the presentations from the Conference by visiting presentations.europetro.com and using the code provided on the last page of the event brochure, which was received at the registration.
Please contact us if you require further assistance

The Refining & Petrochemical Industries in Russia and CIS are currently in the process of planning or implementing very ambitious Upgrading Projects. They key factor for Success will be how to implement these projects in a cost effective and timely manner. Historically projects have taken many years to complete and often are completed well over the initial Capital Budget.

The Projects Forum is the event that gives the most comprehensive and broad prospective on the major recently completed, on-going and future projects in Russia & CIS’ refining, petrochemicals and gas processing industry. 

If you wish to receive a copy of The Projects Forum 2013 delegate list please contact marketing@europetro.com

Taking part in this meaningful event for the Downstream industry allows participants to hear from the different parties directly involved in each stage of project implementation. This provides a full update on their main challenges, the solutions for meeting them, their future plans and how they foresee the development of their companies and the industry as a whole.

Leading consultants and professionals with vast experience in the region will share their knowledge and views on:

  • Outlook, Analysis and Current Trends
  • Keys Steps for Project Masterplanning
  • Project Financing
  • Project Organisation during Each Stage
  • Project Management, Optimisation and Execution
  • Improving Project Implementation Schedules

Open Floor Discussions with the Key Project Players:

The different parties involved in the major projects including representatives of the operating companies and their main partners: consultants, design institutes, contractors, licensors etc. will take part in this interactive session. This creates a platform which provides transparency and practical advice on the very specific challenges that this region is facing, which can be invaluable information for all attendees including those who are aiming to penetrate this highly lucrative market.

Projects to be discussed include:
Nizhninovgorod, Volgograd, Permnefteorgsyntez   and Bourgas Refineries  
ROSNEFT - Tuapse, Samara, Syzran, Novokuibyshevsk, Achinsk and Angarsk Refineries  
Ryazan Refinery Hydrocracker Complex
MOZYR Refinery
- HOIL Complex  
- FCC Complex  
- Upgrading the 3 Bashneft Refineries through Integration  
Staus of the TANEKO New Refinery  
- Selective Yield Delayed Coking  
- Upgrading Existing Refinery and Petrochemicals and New OGPC Complex  
- Development Programs for Atirau, Pavlodar  and Shimkent Refinery

The Projects Forum 2013 will again provide great opportunity for Russian and FSU Refiners & Petrochemical producers to meet their western counterparts from different regions, to exchange ideas and discuss their specific problems.

16 April at 14:00 

AXENS would be pleased to welcome refiners to their complimentary seminar, where their experts will present and discuss best practices and key aspects of the Axens most relevant technologies for this market.

Refiners attending the Project Forum, Russia & CIS BBTC and both training courses are welcome.
Preliminary approval and registration is required.
If you wish to register to attend, please contact us on info@europetro.com, tel. 00359 2 859 41 57

The Project Forum will be held in Moscow directly before the 8th Russia Bottom of the Barrel Technology Conference (Russia BBTC).

Events held in the same week and venue:

15, 16 April
TRAINING COURSE: Improving Refinery Profitability (in parallel with The Projects Forum)

17, 18 April

TRAINING COURSE: Process Safety Management (in parallel with Russia & CIS BBTC)

If you or your team attend several events during the week we will be pleased to offer you preferential prices. Please contact us to request your best deal.

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