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Training, Seminars & Workshops

Building on EPC’s longstanding experience in the Oil & Gas Industry both as Independent Consultants and Conference Organisers, we developed a series of Training, Seminar & Workshop services to deliver the highest level of technical and strategic expertise.

Seminars & Workshops

Training & gaining experience are important factors in the success of any organisation operating in the oil and gas industry. With this in mind our Consulting Branch has developed a set of seminars & workshops to help professionals better understand the oil and gas industry and in particular the complex world of Industrial projects.

Our high quality set of seminars & workshops attract delegates from diverse sectors of the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry.

These two day courses are shaped to meet the learning needs of all industry players, whether they are new to the petroleum industry or wishing to broaden their understanding of a particular subject.

Training Programs

It is extremely important to provide all the required training to the refinery engineers and operators taking into account the sophisticated technology being implemented.

Our Consultant team can coordinate all the required training programs with the technology licensors and the equipment suppliers.


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